Welcome to musical entropy !

Note : my new blog is up ! It is available there : http://musicalentropy.github.io

I have wanted to create this blog for a long time, to promote a project of innovative software for music creation with computers. This project has been in my head almost since I started to create music, and today its shape has become more evident. That’s why now I’m going to communicate about it !

I think that available tools for music creation have unlimited functionnalities today, but are lacking of a “human side”. Associated human-machine interaction paradigms are kind of outdated, mainly because they are based on 20 years old standards, or based on hardware appearance, without the physical controls. As a consequence, these tools are, for me, more efficient as production tools than as composition tools, the computer being a troublemaker instead of stimulating the creative gestures. So, I think that today there is a need of tools that speak the language of composers, instead of tools for which composers need to learn a language…

My first attempt there has been developed for the KVR Developer Challenge 2012, and is called Inspiration. Check it out !


And the second one is called Guitar Gadgets. It has been developed for the KVR Developer Challenge 2014.


7 thoughts on “Welcome to musical entropy !

  1. Thanks for a wonderful program Idea etc., I’m huge fan of Eno, and anyone trying to press boundaries in music. I started out as a kid, by pressing the pause button down partially on an old dual cassette boom-box, with a built in mike, and found you could create interesting things, and began running other tape decks into the r/l RCA plugs to create a primitive form of overdubbing, which i had read about in a great book about the Beatles, which broke down all of their recordings, and techniques used back in the day. I agree that I find myself at the point that access to instant gratification, with computer recording has led me to a point of being at a loss. I used to have to work around using crap tools, and limited tools and found fun ways to wire stuff up to get sounds. So now it’s time to rethink how music is made. This helps. Thanks!

  2. Not what I was expecting ” Inspiration”. That being said, I have it up on my second screen and I have to say the Brian Eno quote sent me in an unexpected and pleasant direction on the song I’m working on. Thank you for the “Inspiration”. Brilliant Idea Sir.

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