The future of DAWs

A few months ago, I read a lot of articles about the future of Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), mainly these ones :

Do DAWs share too many ideas ?
Is the DAW dead ?
10 predictions for electronic music making in the next decade

That was at this time I first thought that most of DAWs are relevant tools for production and not for composing music. The only exceptions I have tried are Ableton Live and Mackie Tracktion.

What do you think is the future of DAWs ?


One thought on “The future of DAWs

  1. I agree that there is no more one perfect DAW. I usually play with Sonar for the bulk work (composing, mixing, mastering), but I use Live for live performance, and also Tracktion (now) for recording on the field, as I have a Macbook..
    I’d like to think that the “usual” ones (Cubase, Sonar…) will keep up with their workflow (even Tracktion is one of them), and the other will fill a required niche (Live for performance, Reason for ???).

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