Inspiration software

Inspiration is a software with functionality divided into five tabs : the main interface, the options tab, the edition tab, and the “About” tab.

Main interface
The main view displays the advice item drawn, in the middle of Inspiration window, with the name of the associated advice set, and information about the set author. Two buttons allow the users to draw a new advice item, or to access to the other tabs of the application.

If something wrong is going on, no advice will be displayed. To solve the problem, choose in the options tab less restrictive parameters for the advice item filtering, and verify that the advice set files have been put in the right place, i.e. in the folder “data” situated in the same place than the application.

Options tab
In this tab, you can change the language of the interface (french or english), and choose the parameters of advice items filtering in the main view. Indeed, you can choose the accepted languages of the available sets, the name of the sets you want to see in Inspiration, and select any tag associated with your needs at this moment.

The tags are divided into five categories :

  • Abstraction level : defines the abstraction level, associated with the number of interpretations available, and the places where the advice can be executed.
  • Function : defines the functions of the advice, i.e. if it gives information about how to start, develop or finish a song, if it gives a list of musical ideas, songs you need to learn, or exercises to work on your instrument techniques.
  • Musical instruments : defines the musical instruments associated with the advice item, i.e. guitars, keyboards, woodwinds, voice etc.
  • Music genres : defines the music genre associated with the the advice item, such as rock, pop, électro, métal, jazz etc.
  • Research themes : recurring themes may be important for music production, such as motivation, productivity, harmony, composing, rehearsals, analog effects etc.

Edition tab
The edition tab has been developed to allow users to create their own advice sets, or modifying existing ones. I have tried to make the interface as efficient as possible for the edition of sets. For example, the main functions are available with elliptic buttons, which display their use when you pass the mouse cursor on them. Don’t hesitate to give me your opinion about it.

To summarize, you can create a new set, open existing ones, and save your work with the blue buttons. When you will change anything in you current advice set, the save button will be highlighted to remind you of saving what you have done.

When a set is opened, other controls appear. The green buttons are there to add, duplicate or delete advice items. The content of the advice item can be modified if you left-click on its content. The right control, that I have called the “special wheel”, works like a slider, to change the current advice item displayed, and give the current number of items in the opened set. Finally the controls on the left give you the ability to change the language tag of the set, its description, the colour of the card outline, and the tags associated to the current advice item.

About tab
This tab displays additional information about Inspiration, internet links, and acknowledgments to people who contributed to the development of the concept.


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