Easter egg unleashed !

Hello dear readers !

I’m going to talk about the easter egg in Guitar Gadgets. If you still don’t know how to make it appear, here is the trick : in the “about” tab (one click on the title), click 2 times on “-musicalentropy” (not a double click !), 2 times on “KVR”, 2 times again on “-musicalentropy”, and finally 2 times on “KVR”. This way, you are going to make a little game appear :


The game is called 2048. The original is a hit on smartphones nowadays, and has been created by a teenager called Gabriele Cirulli in one week end ! The game objective is to get a score as high as possible by moving all the pieces at once in one direction. When two pieces with the same number are pushed one on the other, they fuse with a doubled number, which is added to the current score. If you can make a piece with the number 2048 appear, you may consider that you have won the game, but you can still improve your high score.

I had to precise that the game is more or less a steal from Asher Volmer, Greg Wohlwend and Jimmy Hinson, who did a commercial game called “Threes”, and which didn’t get the success it deserves because of the release of 2048 several days later. If you like 2048, I suggest you to try Threes, because this game is really better and to support the work of its authors.

Anyway, in Guitar Gadgets, you can win something if you get a score higher than 5000, which is easy to achieve when you know the trick to win the game. The trick is simply to try to use as much as possible only two directions in the game, say right and down, and to have the piece with the highest number in a corner. It will make the “HOT” switch appear on Guitar Gadgets interface.


The HOT switch changes the sound of each gadgets, mainly because it adds a distortion section to each effect, which can be pushed very hard with the input knob.

At first, I wanted all the guitar gadgets not to be available when you launch the software for the first time. Some of them should have been “unlockable” with stupid achievements, such as “playing ten minutes with each gadget”, “using extreme parameters on the crusher” or “playing the intro of Smoke on the Water from Deep Purple”. But what I develop before the deadline wasn’t really satisfactory for me, so I decided to remove the challenge system I worked on, instead one thing : the easter egg. Moreover, I spend some time (more than a week end !) to develop my version of 2048, so it would have a waste not to put that in the plug-in. And I love easter eggs so…

I hope you have appreciated the easter egg, the HOT switch functionnality, and Guitar Gadgets in general ! I’m really happy that some people like it, mainly the Niagara Falls and Super Phazor effects apparently.


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