And the winner is…

The winner of the KVR Developer Challenge 2014 is Acon Digital Multiply ! Congratulations to the developers !

Guitar Gadgets finished in sixth-place, which is a lot better than what Inspiration did in 2012, and is very good knowing that the first ones are Multiply, Nova67P from vladg, Emissary from Ignite Amps, Flextron DC14 from AXP, and Lokomotiv by Archetype Instruments. All the details are available there and there.

I’m planning to do an update very soon for Guitar Gadgets which will include the following things :

  • The MIDI Learn, so it will be easier to control Guitar Gadgets with – say – an external MIDI controller such as a pedal !
  • Some fixes on the algorithms (mainly the Miaou Miaou pedal and the Larsenator)
  • the ability to chain up to 4 gadgets in the same Guitar Gadgets instance
  • one new effect (I still don’t know the one I will choose) since I did one more drawing for the KVR DC, but I didn’t have the time to use it

Thanks everybody for the support, and stayed tuned !


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