Here you can find the download locations to the latest versions of my applications and audio plug-ins. Please accept the end user license agreement (EULA) before downloading:

  • This software is provided free of charge but the author retains copyright.
  • You are not allowed to make any copies or redistribute this software including but not limited to making the software available for download or making this software part of a software CD compilation.
  • You are not allowed to sell or to rent this software. You are not allowed to reverse engineer this software.
  • This software is provided ‘as-is’, without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.

Requirements : Win32/64 compatible system with SSE2 instruction set support, or Mac OS X 10.6 Intel.

Guitar Gadgets v1.2.2 (last update April 30th 2015)
Windows XP/Vista/7 (VST 32/64) Download link
Mac OS X 10.6+ (VST/AU 32/64) Download link

Inspiration v1.2.0 (last update April 13th 2015)
Windows XP/Vista/7 Download link
Mac OS X 10.6+ Download link

Note : the advice sets for Inspiration must be put in the data folder of the application, in order to be detected.

Advice sets for Inspiration (last update 30 Mar 2013)
English French
Oblique Strategies 4th edition (Brian Eno)
Horizontal Strategies (-musicalentropy)
The Frustrated Songwriter’s Strategies (N.Dobson, K.Coryat)
The Advancing Guitarist’s Strategies (M. Goodrick and others)
Zen Strategies for Mixing (Mixerman and others)
User and special sets for Inspiration
English French
The Bass Player Strategies (lebat / a.k.a, from AudioFanzine)
KVR Strategies for noobs (-musicalentropy)
Les musiciens ratés d’AudioFanzine (-musicalentropy)
Sage or Fool (harryupbabble, from KVRaudio)
Black Design Strategies (A. Judge)
Composition tips (Clark KRSNA)

Audio Unit is a trademark of Apple Computers Inc. VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.

30 responses

13 11 2012

I LOVE this program…it’s great for inspiration at the right time!

Maybe in future you could add sets for the visual arts?

13 11 2012

Hello, and thanks for the comments !

It would be a great idea to do the same thing for the visual arts ;) However, I don’t have the skills for that, and I should have to change all the tags in the software :) Maybe in future…

15 11 2012

I LOVE this program also. I will be running it constantly in the background.

20 11 2012

This is just GREAT! I will let people know about it with every occasion!

20 11 2012

Thank you very much ;)

5 12 2012

Merci de partager ce programme.

J’attends avec impatience l a version française de sage or fool et zen stratégies for mixing

Un francophone parfois en mal d’inspiration :-)

6 12 2012

Bonjour, et merci !

Je compte traduire tous les sets en anglais dans les jours qui viennent, ça devrait pas trop tarder ;)

5 12 2012

I have created a set for composition from tips I post to twitter. Putting it out incase anyone else finds it useful.

6 12 2012

Very interesting ! I have uploaded it, and added a few tags for each item on it ;)

Thanks a lot for the interest !

11 01 2013

Been using this plug non-stop. Made a few of my own ‘sets’ too. Where can I upload them?

12 01 2013

Hello, and thanks for the interest !

To upload your sets, you can create an account with DropBox, or use Google Docs ;) I will upload them on the website if you want to then

13 01 2013
5 03 2014
lyle rasputin

just read about this! thanks so much, seems like a great resource..

6 03 2014

Thanks a lot !

19 09 2014

I really want to use Guitar Gadgets with my students but the link doesn’t work! Have you removed it for some reason? Thanks

19 09 2014

Weird, it started working literally just after i posted. must be kvr.

19 09 2014

I was updating it at the same time I think :) I have added MIDI Learn and Gadgets Chaining in the new version ;)

22 09 2014
Jeremy Dahl

Hi! I LOVE Guitar Gadgets, thanks so much for giving us this! You’ve created some of the best modulation and delay effects available; the phaser and delay are my personal favourites.

I hate to beg for features for a free product, but if I had one wish, it would be to able to sync the delay to the host’s BPM. I wouldn’t mind so much that there isn’t tempo-sync, but the the delay knobs are too small to do any fine-tuning with—unless I’m missing something?


22 09 2014

Hi, and thanks for the interest !

In the next update I’m going to make, I will add two new pedals, and I will improve a few the existing algorithms. I’m adding the Delay Attack synchronisation with the tempo to my TO DO list ;)

29 09 2014
Sabino M Romero

ya descargue el Guitar Gadgets, pero como lo instalo?

30 09 2014

To install Guitar Gadgets, you must copy the DLL files on “Program Files\Vstplugins” on Windows, and on “Library\Audio\Plugins\VST” “Library\Audio\Plugins\Components” on Mac OS X ;)

18 10 2014

There’s a glitch upon reopening Guitar Gadgets after instantiating it on a channel strip in Logic Pro 9. I use an Intel Macbook Pro version 10.8.5… I LOVE the plugin, but it is becoming quite the nuisance getting it to re-initialize on a channel strip for further editing and sculpting… If you guys can post another update to solve this, I’d be TRULY grateful… Thanx-a-lot…

19 10 2014

Hello ! I’m not sure to understand your problem. What kind of glitch do you get ? I’m going to get a version of Logic 9 if I can, to see what happens here.

21 10 2014


So when i click on the plugin itself on my channel strip. Not only does it not open, but it causes my entire DAW (Logic Pro 9) to crash and thereby shuts down completely…
Now upon placing a BRAND NEW instance of the plugin on an available channel strip for the first time, it opens up just fine and functions normally. But when I go back to it a second time to make some new edits and adjustments, it doesn’t open and then overloads Logic until it crashes…

That’s pretty much the problem in a nutshell…

Thanx for hearing me out.

21 10 2014

I’m going to investigate this. I will tell you when the problem is fixed ;)

10 11 2014

Wow! Excellent work! thx!

21 11 2014

What type of Guitar & Amp were you using in the video for Guitar Gadgets? Thanks in advance.

21 11 2014

Hello ! I’m not the one who did the video, so I can’t answer you sorry ;)

21 11 2014

I’ve downloaded the file, but did not see the .dmg like with other VST & AU plugins. Please help. Thanks

21 11 2014

You need to copy manually the component and the vst files into the folders containing the plug-ins on your computer. They are located in “Library\Audio\Plugins\VST” and “Library\Audio\Plugins\Components”.

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